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Nurita Harith, passionate and ambitious; has always had an eye for Fashion and Arts. Her use of interesting silhouettes differentiates and defines her own style in this ever crowded fashion industry.

Before pursuing her Bachelor of Fashion Design at Surrey Institute of Art in London, she was a fine arts major and had her fair share in sculptures before, which undoubtedly has helped her in developing her own individual style and sense of creation.

Her first show for KLFW 2006 brought forward her creative vision for layers and the use of brown hues against gold tones. Her designs usually consists of soft layers and drapes, which can be simply described as a feminine with a touch of masculinity.

Nurita Harith is a ready to wear collection designer and now has branched into custom made designs from her very own creative visions.

Designer Q&A

How did u get into fashion design?

I have always wanted to do fashion but during my A levels in the UK, I decided to take fine art and sculpture. It has now highly influenced my DNA in design where I create shapes and work free from any kind of restrictions. After my A levels, I decided to pursue arts & design in foundation where I dwelled in even deeper into graphic, filming and of course fashion. After I decided to take up fashion design from the final half of my foundation, I never looked back.

Did u want to become a fashion designer when you were young and how young were you back then?

I have always been drawing since the age of 5 and I was always that kid who sat in class alone sketching and exploring my imagination and creativity. The day my mum and her friend bought me my first ever fashion book back when I was 16, that is when I realized how much I wanted to do fashion and that is when I decided to pursue my dreams and ambitions.

What were you doing before getting into fashion?

As being from a Malaysian family, I was always thought to work at a very young age. I have taken up many jobs in between my studies locally and abroad. To name a couple of the places and jobs that I have worked in are Topshop London and being a stylist to Malaysian tattler before opening my very own boutique.

 What inspired you to get into fashion design?

Certainly my love for art and fashion from a very young age drives me towards what I do today and the passion for creating without restrictions will always keep me doing what I love most. As the fashion industry is ever changing and evolving, the challenge of creating and designing will always keep me on my feet.

What do u enjoy most about designing clothes and what is the most challenging part?

The ability to create something new and collective at the same time. To translate my vision into reality but yet it has to be relevant and wearable as well. The most challenging part that I have to deal with is the constant need to always stay head amidst the workload I go through from a day to day basis and to keep a balance between life, work, art, family and friends.

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If you had the choice of all the fashion designers in the world to work with/for, who would that person be and why?

 I would love to work with Roksanda Ilincic as I have always adore her vision for clean volumes and how she sees colors and dwells with all kind of shapes.

Does your work reflect on your personal fashion taste and if it does, can you describe your style?

My work does not really reflect on my own personal fashion taste as these days I prefer the clean cut look with colours such black or navy blue whereas my pieces or creations are of mostly in the form of layers and drapes and in dusty shades of colours.

Any comments about our Malaysian fashion scene and designers?

There are many talented designers in Malaysia and the numbers are ever growing and expanding. It is good to see that everyone is pushing themselves and it keeps every other designer on their toes and that challenges us in creating something different and refreshing all the time.

What are your plans for the future with the brand that you have created?

Hopefully I would like to be able to mass produce my designs with proper active readymade collections but that of course would be another challenge all together for now, but I would definitely be looking forward to materializing that dream in the near future.

Could you share a few words about your current achievement and any appreciation shout outs?

Doing what I do involves a lot of hands on work and the attitude of never giving up keeps me going. It doesn’t matter if the tasks is big or small, we just have to do what we are passionate about and never be picky as the journey itself is a very knowledgeable and enjoyable experience altogether.

The Brand

• “NURITA HARITH Maternity” for Modernmum launched in 2014
• Second boutique in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur – 2014
• Showcased “Pre-Fall 2014/15” at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2013
• Showcased “Spring/Summer 2013/14” at Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2013
• Blackberry Brand Ambassador for ‘Blackberry Q5’ 2013
• Showcased “NURITA HARITH Lebaran 2013” with Facets (Mouawad)
• Showcased “NURITA HARITH Bridal” with Mouawad Fine Jeweler 2013
• Maybelline launch of ‘RED’Lips 2013
• Johnson’s & Johnson’s Designer Ambassador 2013
• Diffusion brand “nh by NURITA HARITH” launched in 2013
• Prestige Magazine’s “Top 40 under 40” award 2012
• Showcased “Spring/Summer 2012/13” Malaysian International Fashion Week 2012
• Showcased “Understated Luxury” for STYLO 2011
• Showcased “Jelly Bean” for STYLO 2010
• Showcased “Hues of Navy Blues” at Malaysian International Fashion Week 2009
• Shopping Malaysia” by Malaysia tourism magazine.
• Red Dress for the Heart Foundation (Singapore) For Singapore Fashion Week.
• Jaspal – “Barbie’s 50th anniversary”
• Thomas Pink – “Peace Project” in 2009
• Kiehl’s – World AIDS day 2009.
• Showcased “Shades of Grey” for Malaysian International Fashion Week 2008.
• First boutique in Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur – Oct 2008.
• First sales booth in Isetan, KLCC for the ‘F4-Malaysian Designers’
• Stylist for Malaysian Tattler.
• Contestant for Project Runway Malaysia 2007.
• Finalist for the Malaysian Young Designers Competition 2007.




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